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Welcome to Creative Soul Writing Academy!

I'm so excited to share this site with you! 

It's been a long time dream of mine to have both creative writing classes and journal writing/therapeutic writing classes offered online.

As an author, editor, workshop facilitator, and writer-in-residence at a Canadian hospital, I wear many hats--but the most important to me are that of wife and mother. I've been married for almost twenty years to my husband, Ben, and together, we have three teenagers (and a mini goldendoodle). 

There were multiple reasons for bringing these courses online:

1) I visit rural communities often as an author. Often, there are fewer opportunities for workshops - whether that's because of lack of funding or distance challenges. Heading online allows me to reach a greater number of people.

2) As I get more and more requests to facilitate, it gets trickier to stay balanced in my other roles. 

3) Many people have expressed interest in the course offerings over the years but have a hard time...

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