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"I've been teaching both creative and journal writing workshops for a decade now, and I've taught an entire array of courses from children to the elderly, from all walks of life, in both rural and urban settings, in schools, the hospital environment, and even in remote communities. It is my passion to help others heal and grow through writing. I invest my heart and soul into my workshops and will invest my heart and soul into your experience too." 


Kristine has a special interest in writing as a healing art and offers writing workshops to individuals, schools, community based organizations and other groups.

Through her workshops, she offers a safe, gentle approach to writing and wants others to discover how writing can be a useful tool to help heal and grow.
Kristine is the writer-in-residence at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon, as part of the Healing Arts Program. This multi-disciplinary team is comprised of an artist-in-residence, a music therapist, a writer-in-residence, and volunteer artists in the community. The mandate of the Healing Arts Program is to provide care that encourages an individual's holistic well-being by creating an environment that facilitates expression, healing, and meaning through the visual, musical, performance, and literary disciplines of art. To learn more about this amazing program or to donate to the program, please visit:  http://www.stpaulshospital.org/about/healing.php

She is the first person in Saskatchewan to be a certified instructor of Journal to the Self, a journaling techniques course developed by world-renowned journal therapy pioneer Kathleen Adams. As well, she is currently in the process of becoming a certified journal facilitator from the Center for Journal Therapy in Colorado.

Kristine has published dozens of articles for magazines such as: Fine LifestylesDogs in CanadaBoomer GenerationLake CountryAlertEagle Feather NewsEdmonton’s Child, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon Newsletter.

Kristine was editor-in-chief to the former publications Boomer Generation and Lake Country. Since the summer of 2011, she has also been an editor for Hear My Heart Books, a publishing company that produces resources for those living in crisis and difficult life circumstances.

Kristine is the author of the young adult novels: 
The Gamer's Guide to Getting the Girl (Dundurn Press, 2019)
The 11th Hour (Dundurn Press, 2018)
If This Is Home (Dundurn Press, 2017) 
Throwaway Girl (Dundurn Press, 2014)
You can learn more about her life as an author on her other website: www.kristinescarrow.com or at www.dundurn.com 

As a busy mother of three young children, she is thrilled to be fulfilling her lifelong dreams of writing and encourages and celebrates other women who are following their dreams.
Born and raised in the prairies, Kristine is proud to be from Saskatchewan, a province boasting an incredible writing community and a wealth of talented writers.  




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